Thursday, 2 October 2014

DIY // Yarn Bowls

For as long as I can remember, I've had a stash of yarn hiding in the back of my closet that I haven't touched in years. So I decided to use them to decorate my space instead, and I really love the way they turned out! This is a really fun diy to do, as long as you're ready to get delightfully messy (seriously, wear an apron if you don't want flour all over your clothes).

What you'll need:
  • Jars and bowls
  • Newspaper (lots of it!)
  • Cling wrap
  • Yarn
  • A mixing bowl and spoon
  • 1/2 cup of flour and 2 cups of water

1. Place the cling wrap over your jars and bowls. Add the water to the flour to get a runny paste - the water doesn't have to be hot, since flour can't fully dissolve in water. In chemistry, we call this a 'suspension' (yay, impromptu chemistry lesson!)

2. Lay down your newspaper, and start coiling the base of the bowl. I recommend criss-crossing over it later on to give it a bit more strength to hold heavy things.

3. Wrap the wet yarn randomly around the sides. I really love the messy look, so I had it wrap up and down the sides. Make sure your yarn is sufficiently coated in flour paste to give it structure when it dries.

4. For the jars, I wanted a bit of colour so I added a few drops of food colouring. Food colouring stains just about everything, so be careful of where you put your hands!

5. Once you're done, leave it to dry in a warm, dry place. I waited at least 3 days before attempting to remove them, to give them a good amount of time to dry.

6. When they're dry, carefully lift them from the cling wrap. If you wrapped them a little too tight (like I did!), use a knife to slide under and pop them off.

And now you have your yarn bowls! They look absolutely gorgeous sitting on my desk. I use the pink ones to hold my pens, and the white one holds all of my rings when I take them off. That way, they won't end up in weird places anymore! 

 Did you give this DIY a go? Let me know in the comments!

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